"My ancestors are smiling at me, Imperial. Can you say the same?" 

Ulfric Stormcloak, Skyrim.

"Why does ANYONE do anything!? SHEER, ABSOLUTE, BORDEM!" 

Alastor, Hazbin "Hashbrown Homotel" Hotel.

"We come in peace until we don't!"

Unofficial motto of Globia, attributed to Commander Harrybo.

Colonization, patriotism, nationalism, free markets, the whole nine yards. That is what Globia is in a nutshell. A massive world owned by a group of people with the same name. It is unknown if the Globians are native to the world, or somehow pulled at Starcraft 2 and landed on the most freaking inane world, but they did! Globia is basically Globalism, but if it was America making everyone else part of America and basically forcing them to do what they do. 

Part 1: What the fuck are they doing here? Edit

Now, Globia, despite being a massive empire of peaceful, if insanely industrial and brutal colonizers, isn't one to really lay claim to what some, such as Thames, call Peasant Worlds. So why would they have any interest in Tolok, which is mainly ruins or farming towns and the like?

Well, other than the fact that the world bears striking similarities to that of Globia in terms of geology, it appears to have a rather large underground Vrill archive. Globians, being MASSIVE allies to the Vrill, agreed to send forth a massive expedition/colonization effort to the world to secure the archive and to establish at least a medium presence on the world to enforce it. 

Currently, they appear to be situated somewhere near the Azure Tower, building their fortifications and smacking the shit out of shitty furfag Cultists trying to steal their organs for blood rituals. As of writing this, and even of reading this, they're doing an amazing job in that regard. 

Part 2: Who the fuck are they? (Hypercondensed Version.)Edit

So, you want to know who the Globians are, and their history? Well, since I don't have endless hours to meticulously grind out the history of what are arguebly the least lore friendly group in lore, I'll give an insanely condensed version. 

A long time ago, after the Big Bang, but still WAAAAY too early for humans to start doing stupid things like walk upright, Globia existed as an Earthlike planet, primarily of forests and jungles, with beaches lining the coasts. Pretty much think Tolok, minus the ruins, angry o.W.n kingdom in a snow covered hellscape, and Bootheim. 

Then, several hundred millenia later, something happened, be it luck or some freak colonization accident, but the Globians eventually came to inhabit Globia... and in force. At first, they were in several large tribes that fought one another for control, but then the leaders of these tribes realized that fighting eachother was kinda pointless, and so they agreed to some basic ground rules, joined together, and negotiated with those that didn't join them immeditaly... or just fucking killed them. Yeah.

Eventually, Globians would come to be the dominant power in Globia, but would eventually suffer betrayal so many times that I'm not even going to list them here, as it's a really complex and stupid series of wars, political manuvering, and more...

Anyways, your average Globian is peaceful if unprovoked. They usually seek peace at first, but if that cannot be obtained, they QUICKLY resort to violence to defend themselves, as they're touchy about their property, much like an ANCAP. This extends to war, but not to alliances and peacetalks, where Diplomats, ambassadors, negotiators and more, are called in DROVES to aid in a peaceful end to conflict and beginnings of alliances. Oh yeah, did I mention their obsession with expansion?

Part 3: Famous Globians! Edit


Current Relations.Edit

The DAL:Friendly. The DAL welcome anyone who is willing to kill members of The Cult of the Abandoned Tree. 

The Kingdom of Blutguard:EXTRA FRIENDLY. Globians are basically treated with massive respect for their loyalty and brutality, as well as diplomatic ties. 

Bootheim: Neutral. Globia doesn't know where Bootheim is. 

COTAT: Enemies. COTAT continues to attack the Globian frontier

Boom Co.: Friendly. Always good to keep trade deals for future reference. 

Tolok's Survivors: Friendly. "Always ready to help those that need it!" Globian Motto. 

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