" You have sullied your hands with filthy parchments of heresy Guardsman, how do you plead?
What what, no!
Too late, heretic! * BLAM * "

A Commissar and Imperial Guardsman. If the Emperor had a Text-To-Speech Device.

The flag of the Kingdom of Blutguard. Edit

The Kingdom of Blutguard is a Kingdom in the northern section of Tolok, and is home to the people of a group known as Our World Now: Blood and Iron. They are a zealous surviving sect of the original Our World Now movement, which has been lost to time. They consider themselves allies to the Divine Azure Legion and joined them in exploring the continent.

When they arrived on this new world, however, they were cut off from the D.A.L expedition. Instead, they awoke on a small amount of boats, designed to break through ice. They sailed for months, supplies beginning to reach the low point, when they found the shoreline of northern Tolok. Animals, mainly wild snow Bison and Uin, a small flightless bird with the intelligence comparable to the Dodo of the world they came from, allowed the remaining members of the soon-to-be Kingdom to survive, while they built several small docks and checkpoints around the area.

Soon after, their main holding, Creedsburg, was established. The Kingdom's people, led by Victus the Unbroken are a proud, zealous people. Dedicated to spreading the idea of the original Our World Now movement, as well as their new ideaology, the Clergy of the Ruststained, the people soon crowned Victus their defacto ruler. He then ordered that the few magic users that were brought with them attempt to contact the D.A.L and reestablish connections. Efforts are still ongoing.

The Kingdom's Military. Edit

The military of the Kingdom of Blutguard is mainly the same force that was brought over from their days as a more or less small company's worth of people. A few members of the Divine Azure Legion boosted the ranks of the military, and trained many to fight more pitched battles. Due to these facts, the military can be divided up into two groups: Militants and Strongmen.

Militants are the main scouting and lightning war force of the Kingdom's military. The hardly fight fairly, and only fight in battles for longer than a few hours at most when at least three squads of Strongmen are present in a battle. They are adept in range and close combat, but lack in magical training. Most are untrained in medicine, but those that are well versed in it are usually referred to as Corpse Runners, a slur to refer to their occupation. The Militants are also used as informants, spies, and sappers. They are considered more expendable than the Strongmen, however are still important.

The Strongmen are the main fighting force of the Kingdom's military. Incredibly adept at mid-range, melee, magical, and siege warfare, the Strongmen of the Kingdom act as the main fighting force. They are the vast in their range of skills. However, they are centrally led by two Captains and Victus himself. As such, the ranks of the Strongmen tactics are usually predictable but brutal.

As a result, conflicts with the Blutguard rarely leave survivors that are not converted. However, with nothing but animals to attack, the men and women of the Military are left rather bored. No training drill can simulate the feeling of attacking one's enemies or burning heretics.

Current and Former Holdings of the Kingdom. Edit

Current Holdings in Silurius:

Creedsburg: The capital of the Kingdom of Blutguard. Many of the civilian and military population live in nearby villages and garrisons that protect the main holding. The holding also acts as the seat of power for the King and his military commanders. It also acts as the main pilgrim site of the Clergy.

Ironstrand: Ironstrand is a small checkpoint town of about 30 men and women, and is a rather sleepy spot. It is placed on the eastern end of the Kingdom's territory, known as the Krieglands. As such, the town sees very little, but has a rather large fishing economy. The town hall of the small island also functions as a Church, Court, and meeting room depending on the situation.

Maiden's Dock: The Maiden's Dock is the primary port for all shipping in the area, and is largely considered the second largest settlement in the region, the first being Creedsburg. As such, Strongmen guard the streets and put down any revolutions that may happen before they start. The faith of the Clergy and of Our World Now is preached loudly throughout the town. The local Magistrate here oversees all trade coming in and out of the Krieglands.

Former Holdings Silurius:


Current Status With Itself and Other Nations. Edit

Status of the group itself: Stable, with minor tones of annoyance in Maiden's Dock due to the strictness of the town.

Status with the Divine Azure Legion: Unknown, assumed friendship. Attempts at communication via magic are ongoing.

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